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“Let us not return to what was normal, but reach toward what is next. No matter how we are weighed down, we must always pave a way forward. Come, look up with kindness yet. Wherever we come together, we will forever overcome.”
-Amanda Gorman, from the poem New Day’s Lyric

What is Pacity?

Pacity DAO is a virtual space that serves as a Web3 wellness exchange. Pacity is a community that operates as a co-op, where all contributors share in the value creation.
We will build this city on the mission for Pacity to emerge as the future of support for the future of work. Pacity is about the power of data and human connection combined, to combat work stress.
Compassion Takes Courage. Let’s take care of each other.

General Overview

Pacity is a wellness exchange that will evolve into the form of a virtual city, filled with services and education. Individuals may join the community as members (for an annual fee or via company sponsorship) while providers must own land and operate inside the city. The core mechanic for members is to join live sessions with providers to create capacity for themselves. Members also benefit from discounted offerings from providers. Pacity operates like a DAO, with much of the infrastructure on-chain, and structured as a co-op.
Key to the growth and success of Pacity is enabling the community to be built by everyone, like an open source platform, where the contributors share in the value being created. This includes building the mechanism for network effects to developer tools to design interactive experiences inside Pacity. These micro-experiences will leverage the use of breathing, meditation and relaxation exercises.

Welcome home

Pacity DAO is originated by PACT LCA.
Get involved: https://discord.gg/EeccD5xspP
White Paper: Link​
Website: www.pacity.xyz
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