The City

Pacity City

Pacity planning will evolve as more early contributors join the movement. Currently weโ€™re scoping the city around a circular garden city, where the focus is on the community and the individual.
Pacity is built to grow like tree rings. Every year, another circular layer develops around the core city as new providers join the movement by becoming a plot owner. Plots are blocks that can take on different sizes.
Inside Pacity are 7 community institutions that support the basis of the city: the Community Home nucleus (surrounded by an onboarding experience to welcome new members); plus the 6 spaces that connect to form the DAO infrastructure:
The Parliament
The Market
The Large Event Area
The Knowledge Commons
The Public Service Commons
The Guild Area
From the nucleus, 4 lines emit from the center running north, south, east, and west. These lines create the 4 Provider Zones: Your Direction, Your Support, Your Body, and Your Mind.
Each Provider Zone is evenly split into 3 districts - each to provide equal space for the many different ways for people to connect to providers to free their capacity.
Please review the white paper for further details.
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