Fact Sheet

Pacity is a DAO that supports all contributors like a co-op, where value creation is shared.

Pacity DAO

The Pacity economic model allows for stakeholder returns in a collectively owned, for-purpose wellness exchange cooperative. Governance runs on an equitable one member = one vote framework. Excess profit is reinvested into Pacity. The economy is built in a manner such that the longer it runs, the stronger it gets.
Pacity DAO will be formed as a Colorado Limited Cooperative Association (LCA). The State of Colorado has a flexible cooperative law framework and is often referred to as the “Delaware for cooperatives”. This approach and jurisdiction were selected specifically to utilize a legal structure which supports sustainable benevolence on behalf of the Pacity members and contributors and self-determination under the law.
With this LCA structure for Pacity DAO, all U.S. and international persons, organizations, and DAOs are qualified to be members.
Pacity is a separate and independent entity from PACT LCA. As the originator of Pacity, PACT LCA has an arms-length commercial services agreement with Pacity and is also a contributor of the cooperative.

Community Incentives

$PACT Token

$PACT is designed as a cooperative rewards token used as a means of incentivizing stakeholders to engage in certain exchange activities deemed valuable by Pacity. $PACT tokens are a unit of account to determine the amount of exchange profits a member is entitled to if/when they are declared by Pacity.
Token: Pacity Coin, Dividend Units (ERC20 token)
Symbol: $PACT (People And Capacity Together)
Supply: 500 million, with the potential of an additional 29,578,800 mined each year.
Utility: $PACT is both a utility token and a unit of account for determining contributor patronage. $PACT is supplied as dividend for accumulated PCP or community milestone airdrops. Amount of $PACT determines one’s voting weight in governing the DAO.
Value: No $PACT will be sold to the public or investors.

Pacity Points

Token: Pacity Points Symbol: PCP
Supply: Not limited.
Utility: In-world scoring for participation and contribution.

Thank You Points

Token: Gratitude (Thank You Points)
Symbol: THX
Supply: Not limited.
Utility: In-world scoring for reputation, granted by others by converting PCP for THX.

Ecosystem Destinations

Website: https://www.pacity.xyz​
Community: https://home.pacity.xyz/​
Activity Description: Pacity is a virtual city that serves as a wellness exchange between members and providers.
Launch Details: Consult the Pacity website for the current timeline for the virtual city launch and DAO governance. The pre-DAO community is forming and can be joined at pacity.xyz.