DAO Structure
A DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization. A DAO is not a recognized legal entity that provides any form of liability protection to members. A DAO is not to be confused with a DAO LLC.

Originating Operators

Legal Structure

Pacity DAO will be formed as a Colorado Limited Cooperative Association (LCA). The State of Colorado has a flexible cooperative law framework and is often referred to as the “Delaware for cooperatives”. This approach and jurisdiction were selected specifically to utilize a legal structure which supports sustainable benevolence on behalf of the Pacity members and contributors and self-determination under the law.
With this LCA structure for Pacity DAO, all U.S. and international persons, organizations, and DAOs are qualified to be members.
Pacity is a separate and independent entity from PACT LCA. As the originator of Pacity, PACT LCA has an arms-length commercial services agreement with Pacity and is also a contributor of the cooperative.