Why a DAO?

We believe that a thriving and resilient organization needs decentralized governance. For the people, by the people means a democratic approach, where the stakeholders are those contributing to the mechanisms that make the city function and grow. We believe that the DAO approach ensures healthy and sustainable oversight for the growth of Pacity.
That said, there are many (if not most) DAOs launching without enough consideration across their economic models (beware unintentional ponzi schemes), their equitable control (the rich run the governance), their technology (fully on-chain data and applications cannot effectively or efficiently govern co-ops), nor the requirements to comply as an organization with government regulations (especially for contributors operating inside the U.S.).
While Pacity aims to become governed by decentralized means, the co-op model – where excess profit is reinvested into the co-op – provides a proven path for a sustainable, equitable, transparent, and compliant organization.

How will Pacity be Governed Once Pacity is a DAO?

Pacity has a Parliament that houses a General Assembly and Congress. Everyone involved in Pacity is invited to participate inside the General Assembly. This is where proposals are submitted and petitions collect interest to further the Pacity mission. Once a proposal matures with enough backing, it goes to Congress for approval or rejection.