Why Pacity?
Pacity’s mission is to grow a Co-op-based decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) global community that serves as a health and wellness exchange. We believe Pacity is the future of support for the future of work.
Our vision is to accelerate humanity’s ability to support and educate each other, in the context of work and wellness. The vision for the virtual city is a place where members and providers connect to exchange services, including live support sessions. Members are provided with the means to track and understand their work stress, and use this data to make informed connections with providers that can support them best. Behind the DAO are the incentives to empower all contributors, including the ability to earn $PACT and provide Thank You Points (THX).
Our goals at the onset do not include building the city, though. For long term success, we must engineer the perfect monetary policy and economic design to drive a system that is created by the community. This means leveraging game theory to balance Pacity resources to fuel the ecosystem. The economic construct is designed so that the longer Pacity runs, the stronger it becomes.
Pacity will borrow from co-ops, including grassroots building, with a strong emphasis on building a great culture and community. Pacity may be about world building ultimately, but an empty world is useless. At inception, the only thing that matters is to match the people – with the passion and purpose contributing to Pacity – with an accessible environment and effective economic model. Pacity must sustain the effort of contribution. The structure of the community must drive collaboration. With sustained collaboration, we can promise compound returns of exponential emergence. That’s to mean: let’s design for enabling virtuous cycles where the impact of contribution and participation builds from positive feedback loops. We call this “play, earn, return.”
Pacity deserves, at maturity, to become a public benefit corporation of sorts to formally define and align the DAO’s values with the DAO economic interests. We’ll leave it in the hands of the community to properly navigate that course.
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