Pacity is more than a wellness exchange. This is an experiment in pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with blockchain technology while sharing value to all contributors. The journey we intend to take starts from a centralized ecosystem and community to grow into a decentralized autonomous organization.
Our goal is to build an engaging and valuable virtual reality that bridges the realities of the real world to provide real world support. Pacity springboards past other exchanges through blockchain technology and a decentralized philosophy that can be transitioned to real-world benefit.
We have to be meticulous with each step and be patient with the time needed to evolve between milestones. Our blueprint is geared for decentralization and rewarding all who help contribute to Pacity’s value as a community and wellness exchange.
PACT LCA, and subsequently Pacity, are dedicated to radical transparency and building Pacity in the open. We know to reach our vision of a decentralized exchange that we must disclose what we are working on and generalized timelines for milestones.
Much of the PACT LCA team works together at OrgVitals. OrgVitals is a technology startup with an operational product serving organizations across the United States. Additionally, OrgVitals has licensed Dr. Brad Shuck’s Work Determinants of Health research and data models through the University of Louisville, which are integrated into OrgVitals’ data analysis and predictive models – and led by Dr. Brad Shuck himself.

DAO Governance Stages

The DAO Lifecycle for Pacity is planned to evolve in these overly-simplified stages:
Origination Stage, where PACT LCA has centralized control to conceptualize Pacity, garner early interest in a pre-city community, and accrue initial capitalization along with the creation of the Treasury.
Development Stage, where the initial Pacity city and exchange is created and DAO governance is prepared, along with the LCA structure. This includes payroll, grants, project-based hiring, bounty program, and programmatic incentives.
Full Decentralization Stage, where Pacity is a functional city and ready to operate with its own DAO governance in place.

Pacity Development Stages

Milestone 1 2022 Q1 (Origination Stage) Pacity announcement with invitation to the pre-city community and investment opportunity in PACT LCA. as the originating party.
Milestone 2 2022 Q1 (Origination Stage) Creation of the LCA structure. Launch of proof-of-concept community session: 5-at-5 Breathing Exercises.
Milestone 3 2022 Q2 (Origination Stage) Opening of the Provider exchange with originating providers (outside of the virtual city environments) and launching the $PACT token and PCP points.
Milestone 4 2022 Q2 (Origination Stage) Initial land rights offering (across all zoning types) for the 2D and 3D environments.
Milestone 5 2022 Q3 (Development Stage) Soft release of Pacity as a 2D city and wellness exchange for the web.
Milestone 6 2022 Q3-Q4 (Development Stage) Smart contract audits along with the transitioning centralized modules to decentralized infrastructure inside the city.
Milestone 7 2023 (Full Decentralization Stage) Soft release of Pacity as a 3D city, along with turning over governance to The Parliament.